Approximately 15 years ago Leen Zevenbergen became a member of the Social Venture Network in the United States. The oldest network of companies to find sustainability a normality. SVN encompasses thousands of companies and was founded by notable members including Anita Roddick from the Bodyshop and Ben Cohen from Ben & Jerry's. Leen Zevenbergen became chairman of SVN Europe after a couple of years. Sustainability is the central thought in all of his companies. Leen wrote about this in his book, "Sustainability@the Speed of Passion". The reason being for this book was the observation of people inserting sustainability because of obligation or because it is commercially more viable. This greenwashing is condemnable to Leen and he feels like if there is no real passion to it, the sustainability is not sincere and has nothing to do with authenticity.

Together with Marcello Palazzi, Leen started B Lab Europe in 2013, the European branch of the largest movement of companies that want to be "the best for the world" instead of "the best in the world". Eventually, all companies will be B Corps, though at the moment this amounts to 125 in Europe and will expand to 1000 B Corps by the end of 2017. Leen Zevenbergen gives about 40 talks a year about starting businesses that are sustainable.

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