As of 1997 Leen Zevenbergen gives approximately 30 to 40 talks per year about various topics. Alongside his managing position, Leen traveled throughout the nation with a show called "Het onstaan van een Virtuele Wereld". A variety of topics were discussed, including robots, Virtual Reality, the Internet, the internet of things, video on demand and shopping on demand. Thousands of people watched the shows, as well as the annual events. They were called Future Vision, attracting around 2000 visitors per event who were watching at the techniques of the future. Leen gave visionary presentations for about 10 years, back when there were not any trendwatchers.

Following 2007, the 30 to 40 talks per year started being more focused on entrepreneurship, inspiring and creativity. This was partly motivated by his own book, published in 2007: "En nu laat ik mijn baard staan". The book earned the title Management book of the Year and sold more than 100,000 copies. Leen Zevenbergen is seen by his clients and Speaker Bureaus as one of the most talented and inspiring lecturers from the Netherlands. Additionally to the talks Leen also is a chairman delivering his talks in the Netherlands and abroad, in both Dutch and English.

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